About Us

We build what we believe in. We believe in what we build.

At Edifis, we’re passionate about potential.

As a progressive player in real-estate development, we bring purpose and vision to ambitious construction projects, approaching each with a future-oriented mindset.

From industrial to mixed-use and residential, we build with lasting use and continued value in mind. For investors, that means profitability on a generational scale. For businesses and communities, that means a space to grow and realize their full potential.

Our Story

The passion is built-in

Edifis stands on the strength of partnership.

Coming together for the construction of Immeuble Foliot’s Phase 2, Edifis Co-Founders David Foliot and Jean-Philip Robitaille discovered a common vision: to build something from the ground up whose value would endure.

From there, they determined to execute that vision on a bigger scale. Today, their shared passion for building, entrepreneurial drive, and dedication to establishing a lasting, positive legacy through development is embodied in Edifis’s forward-looking, purpose-driven projects.

Our Team

  • David Foliot

    Co-Founder, Managing Partner

    As Co-Founder, David’s commitment, courage, and passion for ambitious construction projects is a driving force behind Edifis. Growing up in manufacturing, David’s skills in production, business development, and operations were forged during his formative years at Foliot Furniture, his family’s business. Now he brings that expertise to Edifis, where his maker mindset, unfailing follow-through, and human-centric approach to growth are cornerstones of the company’s values.

  • Jean-Philip Robitaille

    Co-Founder, Managing Partner

    Playing a key role as Partner, Jean-Philip brings to Edifis his varied experience as foreman, carpenter, project manager, and business development manager. Honed early on at Syscomax, his family’s general contracting business, Jean-Philip’s hands-on knowledge is met today by a creative drive and willingness to take on bold projects with optimism, energy, and persistence. Approaching development as an eco-system, he’s as dedicated to planning and construction as he is to building strong business relationships.


Our Partners

We work with construction and development experts. From building to operations, our partnerships are rooted in trust and shared values of creating positive, lasting growth.

“As the official general contractor on several Edifis projects, we’ve been able to bring innovative, sustainable projects to life together. Their collaboration, professionalism, and speed are simply outstanding – we’re proud to be their partners.”

Bruno Allard

Project Development Director, Syscomax

Syscomax has been Edifis’s construction partner since the beginning. The relationship is a deeply rooted one, with Syscomax Founder Sylvain Robitaille proving a figure whose influence, expertise, and support we’ve valued since day one.

“As a partner, Edifis has brought their signature diligence and efficiency to each of our shared projects. Meanwhile their transparent practices show their commitment to collaboration.”

Guy Landry

Director of Real Estate, ADM

Investor and industrial development partner ADM is a key part of our construction projects on Montreal’s North Shore. A strategic partner, they share our vision for development that serves communities while also fueling growth.

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